Focus Eye Clinic has started using the Avedro technique to reduce the time of a UV Crosslink operation by one half. An additional advantage for the patient is the absence of pain after surgery. The UV Crosslink procedure is used for various disorders of the cornea, including keratoconus.

The procedure involves the administering of eye-drops with Riboflavine (a form of vitamin B2), followed by applying ultraviolet light. The UV light causes a bonding of the collagen fibres of the cornea which makes the collagen three times stronger. This process stabilises after six months. Collagen comprises the supporting tissue of the cornea.

In 24 minutes

What is new in the Avedro technique is that the eye-drops take only 20 minutes to work instead of a half-hour, and the application of UV light afterwards is reduced from 30 minutes to 4 minutes. Moreover, the treatment is trans-epithelial. This means that the epithelium (the outermost layer of cells, in this case, of the cornea) is not removed, with the result that the patient does not have any pain afterwards.


UV Crosslink with Avedro technology: suitable for whom?

UV Crosslink with Avedro technology is used for the prevention of and treatment of keratoconus an often inherited disease of the cornea.

It is also suited for such other cases as an ectasia of the cornea, an instability of the cornea after a radial keratotomy, chronic corneal oedema, a persistent corneal ulcer, and a recurring keratoconus after corneal transplant.


Ultraviolet Crosslink behandeling met topografische beeld

You can read more about this on our webpage Keratoconus: New Avedro.