Patients suffering from near-sightedness have benefitted enormously from Femto Lasik laser treatment. This is the conclusion come to by a study of 100 procedures done over 2013 at the Focus Eye Clinic (Wemmel).

Three months after laser surgery, near-sightedness in all patients (which condition for some was considerable) continued to be reduced to much better levels of vision. Moreover, the laser treatment of near-sightedness also seems to have had a positive effect on the sharpness of vision (visus). The surgical procedures themselves all went smoothly, without any complications being noted. Also important is that in 99% of the cases, no further treatments appeared to be required.

Near-sightedness, or myopia, means that a person sees far-off objects less clearly or sharply. A number of laser devices have been developed to assist treating this condition. Focus Eye Clinic has opted to use two machines which scored highly in tests done by the US government agency, the FDA. And according to the study, the experienced team of Focus Eye Clinic does indeed achieve good and stable results with these lasers.

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