Femto Lasik, the most recent technology for eye surgery with the Excimer laser, is also being used at the Focus Eye Clinic in Wemmel for treating certain other cases.

  • .    Removal of fine-scale ocular deviations

It is sometimes the case that vision can be impaired by problems which are too fine or minute to be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. There now exists a sophisticated diagnostic apparatus which can identify these “higher order aberrations”.

If these small-scale deviations do create vision problems during the day or at night, they can be corrected with the Excimer laser. This is called “Aberrometry-guided Femto Lasik” or “A CAT”. The eye specialists at the Focus Eye Clinic can determine with the patient whether this treatment option is appropriate.

  •     Corrections to the shape of the cornea

Sometimes the cornea has an irregular shape. This can be the cause of an asymmetric or irregular astigmatism (blurry vision), as for example with people having keratoconus 

Corneal topographic analysis can diagnose this. In this situation, an additional “Topography-guided Femto Lasik or “T CAT” procedure is advisable to ensure an optimal result to the Femto Lasik treatment. Whether this option is recommended during treatment with the ocular laser will be discussed with the patient by the eye specialists.

  •     Further corrections over time made unnecessary

When far-sightedness / long-sightedness (hypermetropia) or ‘old age’ near-sightedness (presbyopia) has been treated by Femto Lasik laser technology, it is possible in certain rare cases that some regression in the result can occur after a number of years. Up to now the option was a further corrective procedure.

But from now on, a patient can avoid in a comfortable way the need for such further corrective procedures thanks to the Avedro – UV Crosslinking [https://www.focus-eye-clinic.com/oogbehandelingen/keratoconus/] technique. This is called “Lasik Extra”. The combination of administering eye-drops with Riboflavine (vitamin B2) and applying ultraviolet light makes the collagen, the supporting tissue of the cornea, three times stronger.

Screening at no charge

Your eyesight problems may be solved with a Femto Lasik laser operation. You will be able to see without the need for glasses. At the Focus Eye Clinic you can have your eyes examined at no charge to determine whether laser eye correction is right for you.

For an appointment, please call 02 427 59 85 or fill in the online-form.


Questions or Further Information Required?

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