Certificate for Focus Eye Clinic’s surgical theatre

The operating theatre at the Focus Eye Clinic is in excellent condition. This has been confirmed by an independent monitoring body that completed a thorough facilities audit at the instance of the Committee for Extramural Ocular Medicine. The Committee is attached to three professional associations supervising ophthalmology and eye surgery.

As one of the first eyecare centres in the country not attached to a hospital, the Focus Eye Clinic has been granted the Approved Surgical Theatre Certificate by the Committee.

For our patients, this means that examinations, treatment and procedures take place in an environment satisfying all norms and standards. So with us there are none of those questionable circumstances which sometimes are reported in the newspapers, such as with certain aesthetic clinics.

The audit focussed on layout, equipment, sterile conditions, and the quality of personnel, as well as management practices. The certificate is valid for a period of two years, until 1 January 2015.