Femto Cataract  is the future of cataract operations. Focus Eye Clinic was the first clinic in Belgium to opt for the Swiss precision of the ZIEMER Z8. This procedure is done with laser instead of blades. This makes the cataract procedure safer and even more accurate.

Advantages of Femto cataract:

  • increased safety and accuracy
  • greater precision and reliability
  • beter results
  • less chance of complication

Differences from the classic cataract operation:

  • With Femto Cataract, incisions in the eye, the astigmatism correction, the opening of the lens capsule, and the fragmentation of the lens are done with a laser instead of blades.
  • The surgeon performs a computer-guided scan of the eye (OCT) and creates a 3D plan to the surgery. This makes a detailed, individualised approach possible .

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FEMTO LASER PHACO / FEMTO CATARACT from Focus Eye Clinic on Vimeo.