Eye clinic with the most advanced technology

Well aware that the success of any treatment does not depend on expertise alone, Focus Eye Clinic continuously invests in the latest technology. Our highly-qualified team is only able to guarantee you the very best result if it has access to state-of-the-art technology.

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Ziemer laser technology: the cream of the crop

Ziemer Z8 femtosecond laser

The Ziemer Z8 femtosecond laser is the most modern and advanced femto laser with nanolaser technology. At that, it is the most accurate, safest and fastest eye laser equipment for femto flap, cataract, corneal ring (ICR), lamellar and complete keratoplasty surgery.

Allegretto WaveLight® EX500

The WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser is the only excimer laser that works at 500 Hz, with an average treatment time of about 1.4 seconds per dioptre. WaveLight® LASIK provides multiple custom treatment options and has the widest approved range for wavefront-optimised, topo-guided and wavefront-based treatment. With this laser each patient is ensured a unique and custom treatment.

Topo-guided laser treatment: fully customised

Like fingerprints, also everyone’s cornea is unique. With our latest laser technology we apply a topo-guided treatment: the laser takes account of the characteristics of your unique cornea so that you get a fully personalised treatment, entirely customised to your eyes. The advantage to you: even better results.

Various laser eye technologies

After a thorough diagnosis, we always take each patient through the various treatment options. Focus Eye Clinic has several laser technologies to ensure that we can always offer you the most suitable laser treatment for your condition, tailored to your specific situation.

Though we do have a preference for Femto-Lasik, the latest laser technology, in certain cases another technology like PRK or SMILE can be more suitable

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"Only at Focus Eye Clinic do I have access to such a state-of-the-art microscope."

The more accurate the diagnosis, the better the results

Our consultants have access to the most modern equipment to make their diagnosis. The more precise the measurements, the more accurate the diagnosis. This is how we can offer you the right treatment, also for less common conditions or specific eye disorders, so that you are assured the best result possible.

  • Zeiss IOL Master 700
  • Heidelberg Spectralis HRA-OCT
  • Optovue OCT
  • Pentacam HR
  • Zeiss Opmi Lumera 700
  • Nidek OPD-Scan III

LipiFlow and LipiScan

Dry-eye syndrome [link] can have various causes. One of these is the dysfunction of the meibomian glands in the eyelids. These glands secrete oil to stabilise tears and prevent evaporation. If these glands don’t function properly, the tears will not be able to moisten the eye sufficiently giving rise to dry eyes. To make a correct diagnosis of the meibomian gland’s dysfunction, Focus Eye Clinic uses a new device: the LipiScan.

  • LipiScan
  • LipiFlow
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Make an appointment now

Make an appointment now with one of our experienced surgeons.

They make a thorough diagnosis, determine which treatment you are eligible for and discuss the pros and cons with complete transparency.

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Multidisciplinary team of experienced topsurgeons

All the knowledge in-house for a wide range of eye treatments. Meet the team

Meet the team
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Personalised eye care

Each eye has its own unique profile, just like your fingerprints. This is why we apply the ultra-personalised topo-guided technique.

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High-tech equipment

We continuously invest in the latest, most reliable technology. We have the most comprehensive and modern technological platform for laser eye treatment and lens surgery.

About our eye lens technology
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A comfortable and pleasant setting

Our laser centre combines experts in their field with a warm welcome in a stylish setting so that you get to have your treatment in all peace and comfort.



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