Seeing without glasses is fantastic! Over the past few months, my eyes have been transformed completely. Seeing without glasses or contact lenses, seeing once again as a normal person sees, that’s magnificent!

Mr. Johan Boskamp
Treatment: Lens implantations

I was ‘fortunate enough’ to benefit from multifocal lens implants. These give me the freedom to see small letters in all situations close up and also in the distance without having to look for my glasses. The operation was painless and, if I could do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate. What wonderful comfort.

Ms P. Micheline

As an eye surgeon, I witnessed the birth of cataract operations with intra-ocular lenses in 1965. During my career, I had the opportunity to operate on many patients. When I myself had a cataract, I was operated on by my son in both eyes. I was grateful for the experience of being able to enjoy the benefits of this new technology.

Dr. Evens A.
Treatment: Cataract

I couldn’t manage without glasses for seeing close up and in the distance. I’m very sporty, but it was difficult to wear glasses whilst taking part in sport. After this treatment, I don’t need glasses any more and lots of people whom I know have also had this treatment and are also highly satisfied.

Ms V. M. Monique, aged 52
Treatment: Femto Lasik

I’m very happy to see again! Thank you very much Doctor Evens.

Patricia Costa Soto (11/12/2013)

Patricia Costa Soto
Treatment: Femto Lasik