Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is irregularly shaped. This prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, causing vision to become blurred.

This blurred vision can only be corrected by means of cylinders (in glasses or contact lenses) or refractive surgery.

  • Completely painless
  • Speedy recovery
  • Latest technology
  • Reliable results
  • Up to refractive error -10 D

Astigmatism: what treatment to choose?

Femto-LASIK laser eye treatment

Almost everyone diagnosed with astigmatism is eligible for [LINK] femto-LASIK treatment.

  • You are between 18 and 90 years of age
  • Your condition has been stable for 1 year
  • Maximum refractive error: short-sightedness (myopia) -12 D

Dry eyes or thin cornea

People who suffer from dry eye syndrome or have a very thin cornea often do not benefit from femto-LASIK. In their case, PRKis an excellent alternative.

Severe refractive errors

Does your refractive error exceed -12 D? Perhaps we can help you with an implantable contact lens (ICL).

Cost of femto-LASIK treatment

Focus Eye Clinic prides itself on its transparent pricepolicy for all its treatments. You pay the right price for the latest technology in refractive eye surgery.

1 eye both eyes
Femto-Lasik €1750 €3250
Personalised topo-guided treatment +€250 +€500
Preoperative screening free free
Preoperative diagnostic exam €150 €150
Postoperative review: one day post-op included included
Postoperative review: one week post-op included included
Postoperative review: six weeks post-op included included

Focus Eye Clinic performs laser eye surgery at a fair price. We don’t claim to be the cheapest on the market. After all, price is dictated by many factors such as the quality of the equipment and materials and the calibre of the surgeons and their experience.

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Personal advice from our experts

Our highly specialised surgeons thoroughly examine your eyes and make a detailed diagnosis. They discuss all the options with you in all objectivity.

FEC 26

Multidisciplinary team of experienced topsurgeons

All the knowledge in-house for a wide range of eye treatments. Meet the team

Meet the team
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Personalised eye care

Each eye has its own unique profile, just like your fingerprints. This is why we apply the ultra-personalised topo-guided technique.

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High-tech equipment

We continuously invest in the latest, most reliable technology. We have the most comprehensive and modern technological platform for laser eye treatment and lens surgery.

About our eye lens technology
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A comfortable and pleasant setting

Our laser centre combines experts in their field with a warm welcome in a stylish setting so that you get to have your treatment in all peace and comfort.



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