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Cataract: symptoms, treatment and surgery

Cataract usually develops at a later age and is a consequence of the eye’s normal again process but it can also affect young people. In young children it is usually caused by a genetic disorder.

Focus Eye Clinic treats cataract with the latest femto-cataract laser technology. In addition, after your cataract surgery, the multifocal implantable lens will allow you to see clearly again without glasses, close up and at a distance.

  • Completely painless and safe
  • Latest laser technology
  • Vision restored virtually immediately
  • Most common surgery worldwide

Cataract: symptoms

Cataract or a clouding of the lens is the primary cause of visual impairment across the globe, usually in people over the age of 55. Without proper treatment this disease will ultimately lead to blindness.

The following symptoms may be an indication:

  • Blurred vision (like looking through scratched or dirty glasses)
  • Reduced vision
  • Sometimes double vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Reduced colour perception (colours become faded or pale)
  • Difficulty driving at night

Do you recognise any of these symptoms? Make an appointment for a check-up!

When to consider cataract surgery?

Cataract needs to be treated when visual acuity has reduced to such an extent that daily visual activities become difficult (e.g. driving, watching TV, reading...).

There are no drugs that can cure cataract. Glasses or extra lighting can temporarily improve matters, but visual acuity will slowly but surely diminish as cataract progresses.

Cataract surgery: which treatment to choose?

Cataract surgery with phacoemulsification

Until recently, there was only one technique to treat cataract: phacoemulsification, a treatment involving blades (bistouri).

  • The clouded lens is fragmented by means of ultrasonic vibration
  • and after careful rinsing, a pliable, artificial lens is inserted

In principle, all types of cataract can be treated with this type of surgery unless the lens bag has become dislocated or the posterior capsule has become damaged, in which case our experts will offer you an alternative technique.

Cataract surgery with Femto Cataract

Focus Eye Clinic also performs cataract surgery with Femto Cataract, the latest technology, where most of the surgery is performed via laser. This makes the surgery completely pain-free, safe and extremely accurate. Visual recovery is near to immediate

Cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants

Do you need glasses to read or see at a distance? In that case, it will be worth your while considering a multifocal implantable lensbecause:

  • it gets rid of your cataract
  • you will never have to wear glasses again, whether for reading or for distance vision

Your clouded lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens which ensures clear vision at all distances so that you will never have to wear glasses again.

Phacoemulsification & Femto Cataract

Phacoemulsification Femto Cataract
blades (bistouri) laser
mild irritation painless
few risks extra safe and accurate
Perfectly round capsule incision
No astigmatism treatment Astigmatism treatment
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"Cataract-behandeling met de femto-laser is ultragepersonaliseerd."

Ervaringen met cataract behandeling

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Make an appointment now with one of our experienced surgeons.

They make a thorough diagnosis, determine which treatment you are eligible for and discuss the pros and cons with complete transparency.

Cataract treatment: step by step

Lens replacement can be performed in several ways. Phacoemulsification involves removing the existing lens by means of ultrasonic vibration via a micro-incision. This is the traditional manner.

Focus Eye Clinic has recently opted for the latest ‘Femto Cataract’ technique where surgery is performed by means of laser technology instead of blades. This makes the treatment even safer and more precise.

Risks associated with the Femto Cataract technique

The same complications can occur as in any intraocular surgery and can be treated appropriately if diagnosed in good time:

  • Oedema of the central part of the retina
  • Retinal detachment
  • Increased intraocular pressure
  • Infection

Each one of these rare complications can be sorted by our team of experts.

Cost of cataract surgery

Focus Eye Clinic prides itself on its transparent price policy for all its treatments. You pay the right price for the latest technology in refractive eye surgery.

monofocal monofocal tor. multifocal multifocal tor.
cataract surgery €1450/eye €1550/eye €2350/eye €2550/eye
option femto laser phaco technique +€650/eye +€650/eye +€650/eye +€650/eye
NIHDI reimbursement for cataract surgery ± €650/eye ± €750/eye ± €550/eye ± €550/eye
reimbursement by private insurer ± €600 /€800 /eye ± €600 /€800 /eye ± €600 /€800 /eye ± €600 /€800 /eye


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