Dry eyes

Do you suffer from dry eyes? You are not alone! An estimated 5% to 50% of the world's population has to deal with dry eyes to some extent.

Dry eyes cause irritation. Artificial tears can soothe, but not cure, the symptoms. Focus Eye Clinic can offer a permanent solution with the most recent technology. Get your appointment today.

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How do yo get dry eye syndrome?

Tear fluid is essential for the eye’s visual function. Dry eyes are caused by the fact that the lacrimal glands produce insufficient tears or tears of poor quality causing them to evaporate quickly.

The maypole glands in the eyelids produce an oily fluid or lipid layer that forms the tear film. This film ensures that our eyes do not dry out. If these glands do not function properly or become clogged, an unstable tear film develops, resulting in dehydration of the cornea. This causes the glands to swell, causing itching, blurred vision and an annoying irritation.

The most common causes of dry eyes are:

  • Inadequate production of tears by the lacrimal gland
  • Tears of insufficient quality
  • Too little blinking while staring at television or computer screen
  • Menopause
  • Medication use, such as antidepressants
  • Autoimmune disease

Dry eyes: symptoms

Dryness of the eyes tends to be a chronic condition and the intensity of the symptoms can vary.

A patient suffering from dry eye syndrome will present with a combination of complaints:

  • stinging eyes
  • gritty feeling
  • red eyes
  • blurred vision
  • tired eyes
  • formation of goo
  • tearing eyes. Paradoxically, the lacrimal gland will start to produce more tears but the tear ducts are unable to cope with the quantity produced and the eye will start to tear.

Treatment of dry eyes: Artificial tears

The first step is often the administration of artificial tears. However, artificial tears can soothe the symptoms, but they cannot cure them. The effect of artificial tears only lasts for 30 minutes. If needed you can instill artificial tear drops as many times as you like without danger.

Treatment of dry eyes: Closing of the tear duct or Punctum Plugs

During this procedure a kind of plug is placed into the inferior - and sometimes the superior - tear opening. In this way the loss of tears will be limited. Initially plugs will be placed that will last for 3 weeks to 3 months. When the treatment is effective and complaints of the patient improve, definitive plugs will be placed. This in office procedure is completely painless.

Treatment of dry eyes: Opening of the Meibomian glands with LipiScan and LipiFlow

Focus Eye Clinic can offer a permanent solution with the most recent technology.

Thanks to LipiScan, the diagnosis of dry eyes can be visualized in high resolution. The heat technology of the LipiFlow device helps to restore the disturbed maypole gland function.

This treatment is quick and completely painless. Moreover, You will notice the difference almost immediately.

How does dry eye treatment work?

A combination of heat and massage. The device channels heat to the roots of the maypole gland. The curved design of the LipiFlow protects the cornea. At the same time, all blockages are massaged away.

  • LipiScan
  • LipiFlow
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