Chalazion or milium: a chronic inflammation of a sebaceous gland.

Chalazion - otherwise known as a meibomian cyst, tarsal cyst, lipogranuloma, or conjunctival granuloma - is a chronic inflammation of a sebaceous gland in the eyelid – the meibomian gland. The inflammation is caused by an obstruction of this oil gland.

Our experienced and highly specialised consultants-surgeons treat chalazion with state-of-the art equipment.

What causes a chalazion?

When sebum or sebaceous liquid hardens near the opening through which the meibomian gland secretes its oily substance and eventually blocks it, a backup is created and a lump develops. Because this is a sterile environment, it will not necessarily be painful. It is only when bacteria get to the clogged sebaceous gland, the lump can become infected.

A chalazion is often a complication due to an acute infection of the meibomian gland, or hordeolum internum (not to be confused with a hordeolum externum or stye).


In a best-case scenario, a chalazion will disappear spontaneously. If you can’t get rid of it however, antibiotics in the form of eye drops can speed up the healing process.

If this does not do the trick, a chalazion can also be surgically removed. This is a minor procedure that is performed in our out-patient clinic under local anaesthesia.

A chalazion will usually disappear of its own accord. The lump will burst, releasing the puss. More often than not, treatment will not be required.

If the stye doesn’t burst of its own accord, an ophthalmologist will burst it for you. Never attempt to do this yourself.

Cost of chalazion treatment

Chalazion treatment € 125
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