Lower eyelid correction: get rid of those bags under your eyes

A lower eyelid correction will help you to get rid of those heavy, dark bags under the eyes for good. With a lower eyelid correction or blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids, the excess skin of the lower eyelids is surgically removed. This surgery is often accompanied by a canthopexy or suspension of the lower eyelid.

Our experienced and highly specialist consultants-surgeons use the latest equipment to perform eyelid corrections.

  • Safe routine procedure
  • Short procedure
  • Speedy recovery
  • Small, invisible scar

When is eyelid correction indicated?

Dermatochalasis is a medical term which describes excess skin near the lower eyelids. The term originates from the Greek words ‘derma’ meaning skin and ‘chalasis’ meaning ‘hanging’ or ‘loosening’.

Dermatochalasis is often accompanied by excess fat at lower eyelid level, causing the fat to collect under the eyes and creating circles around the eyes.

Unfortunately there is little we can do to prevent eye bags. Genetic factors determine the extent to which you will get them; however, the combination of age and gravity also plays an important role.

With age, your skin loses part of its elasticity. This causes it to slacken and sag. The subcutaneous tissue also weakens, allowing fat to accumulate inside skin folds and creating eye bags.

The following three factors can occur separately or in combination with one another:

  • Sagging or wrinkling of the skin
  • Weakening of the lower eyelid muscle
  • Weakening of the deeper membranes that store the fat of the lower eyeli

Aside from these issues, 2 additional phenomena can occur:

  • Sagging of the outer corner of the eye
  • A deepening of the circles under the eye


With a blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids, excess fat from the eye bags is distributed throughout the underlying dark circles instead of simply removed.

This method allows us to kill two birds with one stone. The bags disappear, and so do those dark circles which often appear under the eyes.

Despite the more extensive technical aspects of this type of corrective surgery, this procedure can easily be performed underlocal anaesthetic, with or without mild sedation.

Canthopexy – Canthoplasty

When removing the excess skin and fat does not get rid of the eye bags, a lower eyelid lift will often be required.

his suspension technique is called a canthopexy and raises the corner of the eye again to the position you would seein young people, while simultaneously tightening the edge of the lower eyelid.

If there is excessive sagging of the lower eyelid edge, additional tightening may be required in which case canthoplasty is indicated.

Results of a lower eyelid correction

Knocks years of your face

A minor surgical procedure with major aesthetic effect.

Small invisible scar

Small, invisible scar in the eyelid’s natural fold

Painless and safe

Completely painless and performed under local anaesthetic.

Short procedure

The surgery takes less than 1 hour and you can return home again on the day but we do recommend that you organise transport.

Speedy recovery

You will make a full recovery within 7 to 14 days

Removing eye bags: the procedure, step by step

  • Beforehand

    Preoperative screening

    • Preoperative screening is available at our surgeries in Brussels or Dilbeek, or in our eye clinic.

  • Day of treatment


    less than 1 hour in total

    • Any anticoagulant therapy must be discontinued 7 days prior to your surgery.

      On the day of the procedure, it would be best not to drive. So bring someone along to take you home again! We also strongly advise against using public transport.

    • Before the procedure

      The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic, with or without a mild sedative.

    • Procedure

      15 min

      Using a precisely drawn template, first an ellipse of skin is removed. The ensuing scar is next to invisible.

      If excess skin is accompanied by fatty deposits that have caused the inside of the lower eyelid to bulge, this fatty tissue will also be removed during this procedure.

  • After the procedure

    Immediately after the procedure

    • After the procedure we would advise you to observe the following guidelines:

      • Do not bend your head down (e.g. to tie shoe laces) or do not lie in a completely horizontal position.Sleep on your back with your head resting on two pillows.
      • Avoid stress and try to remain calm. It is essential that your blood pressure remains low.
      • Feel free to read or watch television.
      • Aftercare consists of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers in combination with gentle cooling (don’t put ice or a cold pack directly onto the eye but wrap into a thick piece of fabric first or use a clean facecloth dampened with cold water).
    • 1st week after surgery

      Eye drop (artificial tears) and an ointment (Tobramycin) will need to be applied to the scar for 1 week.

    • Removal of the stitches

      1 week after the surgery

      The stitches will be removed within1 week of your surgery.

Complications and risks associated with lower eyelid correction

The chances of complications after lowereyelid correction are small. Prior to the procedure, our surgeons will discuss the risks and aftercare with you in detail.

Cost of lowereyelid correction

At Focus Eye Clinic, we pride ourselves on our transparent price policy. This means that you pay the right price for the latest technology in the field of eyelid correction.

Corrective lowereyelid surgery € 1.350
Preoperativescreening € 60
If the purpose of your treatment is cosmetic rather than therapeutic 21 % VAT will be added (i.e. € 1,633)
Post-operative review included
Aftercare and the removal of stitches included

Health insurance cover for corrective lower eyelid surgery

As lowereyelid correction is not classified as an aesthetic procedure, part of the cost will be refunded by the health insurance.

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