A chalazion is a chronic inflammation of a sebaceous gland in the eyelid – the Meibomian gland. The inflammation is caused by blockage of the natural oily discharge of this gland.

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Causes of chalazion

When sebum is overproduced or dries, blocking its release from the Meibomian gland and eventually from the entire gland duct, it can no longer escape and a lump, or cyst, develops. Because this is a sterile environment, this will not necessarily be painful. It is only when bacteria begin to multiply within the clogged sebaceous gland that infection and inflammation occur.

A chalazion is often a complication due to acute Meibomian gland infection, or a hordeolum internum (not to be confused with a hordeolum externum or stye of the outer eyelid).

Chalazion treatment

In the best case scenario, a chalazion will heal without help. If this does not happen, antibiotics in the form of eye drops can speed up the healing process.

If this still does not do the trick, a chalazion can be surgically removed. This is a minor procedure performed in our out-patient clinic under local anaesthesia.

Suffering from chalazion? Make an appointment today.

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