Eye liftWith an eye lift or upper eyelid correction, the excess skin of the upper eyelids is surgically removed. Wave goodbye to those hooded eyes that add years to your face and make you look more weary than you actually are. An eye lift will bring back that look of youthful alertness to your face.

By gently pushing the sagging skin upwards with one finger, you will have an idea of what eye lift surgery can do for you.

Sagging, wrinkled eyelids? Make an appointment today and find out if an upper eyelid correction is the best solution for you. At Focus Eye Clinic, you can come in for all manner of eyelid corrections such as a lower eyelid correction and the treatment of ptosis.

What is an eye lift?

Upper lid blepharoplasty is the medical term for an eyelid correction. The word blepharoplasty originated in ancient Greece. ‘Blepharon’ means ‘eyelid’. ‘Plastikos’ means ‘to reshape’. An upper lid blepharoplasty surgically removes excess skin from the upper eyelids.

Why do eyelids sag?

Why do your eyelids sag as time goes by? As is often the case with the human body, old age suffers from the ravages of gravity. Genetic factors can also play a role.

With increasing age, the upper eyelid begins to become wrinkled and the skin starts to sag. Skin can eventually drop towards the eyes, sometimes resting on the eyelashes and giving a hooded look. In some cases, fatty deposits build up inside the lid causing excessively thick tissue.

Treatment of hooded eyes

Eye lift surgery to remedy sagging eyelids is a very short procedure performed at our eye clinic in Wemmel. You can go home the same day, although we do recommend you arrange transportation home.

Surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia, with or without a light oral sedative.

According to a very precisely defined template an ellipse of skin is removed. The resulting scar will be as good as invisible; a fine line, 8 – 9 mm above the lash line, and within the natural fold of the lid.

If excess skin is accompanied by fatty deposits that have caused the upper eyelid to bulge, this fatty tissue will be removed during the same procedure.

Make an appointment today to see if an eye lift is the right procedure for you.

The positive effects of an eye lift

An eye lift knocks off years from your face. It is a minor procedure ending in a major effect. The time needed for the incision to heal is very short.

  • Short surgical procedure: < 1h
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Small, invisible scar hidden by the eyelid’s natural fold
  • Rapid healing: 7 to 14 days
  • Safe: low-risk routine surgery

Eye lift aftercare

The chance of experiencing complications after an eye lift is small. Our surgeons will discuss the risks and follow-up treatment before the start of the procedure.

Ecchymosis or bruising under the skin, as well as some tissue swelling, is completely normal and will disappear spontaneously after a week to ten days.

After the procedure, we recommend you take note of the following points:

  • Do not lower your head (e.g. tie shoe laces) or lie flat. If you sleep on your back, prop yourself up with a double thickness pillow
  • Avoid stress and try to remain relaxed and rested; your blood pressure should remain low. Reading and watching television are permitted
  • Aftercare consists of anti-inflammatory agents and painkillers in combination with gentle cooling. No ice or cold packs should be placed directly onto the eye; always use a thick piece of cloth to wrap around them. Even better, place a clean flannel moistened with cold water onto the eye
  • Eye drops (Artificial tears), and an ointment (Tobramycin) to be applied onto the scar tissue, should be used for 1 week
  • Stitches will be removed within 1 week
  • Blepharoplasty pricing

    At Focus Eye Clinic, we consciously implement an extremely transparent price policy. You pay the correct price for the latest eyelid correction technology.

    Correction of the upper eyelids costs €1,350. If the purpose of your treatment is cosmetic rather than therapeutic, a surcharge of 21% VAT will be added.

    For pre-operative screening we charge a one-off price of €60. Post-operative follow-up as well as aftercare and removal of stitches are included.

    Make an appointment today and find out whether an eye lift is the best solution for you.