At Focus Eye Clinic, we consciously implement an extremely transparent price policy. You pay the correct price for the latest eyelid correction technology.

Correction of the lower eyelids costs €1,750. An eyelift or correction of the upper eyelid will cost €1,350. If the purpose of your treatment is cosmetic rather than therapeutic, a surcharge of 21% VAT will be added.

For pre-operative screening we charge a one-off price of €60. Post-operative follow-up as well as aftercare and removal of stitches is included.

Make an appointment with us today and find out if an eyelid correction is the best solution for you.

Eyelid surgery

Preoperative screening 60 €
Eye lift/ Upper lid correction 1350 € (+21% VAT for purely cosmetic procedure)
Lower lid correction 1750 € (+21% VAT for purely cosmetic procedure)
Postop follow-up/Suture removal (after 1 week) included
Ptosis treatment 1500 €
Chalazion treatment 110 €
Hordeolum treatment 110 €
Trichiasis treatment 950 €