The technique used for a cataract operation is called phako-emulsification of the lens. The patient is put under the operation microscope under local anaesthetic and sedation, and, if necessary, under the supervision of an anaesthetist.

  • The front capsule of the circular shaped lens (capsulorexhis) is then removed via a tiny incision (2.2mm or smaller, so that sutures are not needed).
  • After this, the lens which has become cloudy is shattered with ultrasonic vibrations and then removed via a delicate irrigation-aspiration system.
  • Finally, after the remaining capsule has been cleaned, an implant lens is inserted. This is a pliable implant lens which can be monofocal, multifocal, or accommodative, depending on the case in question. Astigmatism is offset by relaxation incisions or toric implant lenses.