FEMTO CATARACT represents the newest in technology whereby lens extractions can be done by LASER instead of scalpels. The Femto laser has certainly proved its usefulness up to this point in the LASIK treatment of the cornea. For this laser procedure, first a computer guided scan of the eye (OCT) is done to create a 3D plan of the operation.

  • 1. incisions in the eye
  • 2. correction of astigmatism
  • 3. precise incision around the anterior lens capsule
  • 4. fragmentation of the cataract lens




correcting astigmatism




nucleus fragmentation

FEMTO LASER PHACO / FEMTO CATARACT from Focus Eye Clinic on Vimeo.

Advantages to the Femto Cataract technique:

  • increased safety and accuracy!
  • with greater precision and reliability comes a higher likelihood of better results and a smaller chance of complications.

Z8_Packshot_Persp1_RGB_drawn-in_Arm_10pEn tant que premier centre de Belgique, la Focus Eye Clinic a opté pour la précision suisse du ZIEMER Z8 LDV. La spécificité de cet appareil révolutionnaire est de travailler avec des pulses de faible énergie mais à une fréquence très élevée, en exerçant une pression minimale sur l’œil.

FEMTO LASER PHACO technique costs:

FEMTO LASER PHACO technique: +/- 650 euro


  • A Femto Cataract operation is performed under local anaesthetic (eye drops are applied to anaesthetise the eye) under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist.
  • You also receive a light sedative intravenously. This practice allows us to manage the general parameters of the operation.
  • The procedure itself takes less than 15 minutes.
  • You are in the eye clinic for about 2 hours.