Strabismus treatment can be long-term and consists of:

  • Glasses, with or without prisms
  • Exercises
  • Lazy eye treatment
  • Strabismus surgery

Lazy eye treatment

If strabismus is accompanied by a lazy eye, the lazy eye must be treated before any eye muscle correction is carried out. This treatment includes the following methods: covering the good eye, prescription glasses and in certain cases, eye drops.
Strabismus surgery will only be proposed at a later stage if this seems necessary.

Strabismus surgery

For some children the eye position will eventually need to be corrected. Strabismus surgery or eye muscle surgery will then be performed in which the eye muscles attached to the outside of the eyeball are made either weaker or stronger by moving or shortening them. This can be done on one or both eyes.
In about 80% of cases a single surgical procedure is sufficient; however, on occasion a second surgical procedure will be necessary in cases of under or over correction, for example. Before carrying out ophthalmic procedures in older children and adults it is very important to fully investigate the risk of post-operative double vision beforehand. Sometimes the brain is so well adapted to an existing abnormal eye position that it becomes impossible to correct squint for cosmetic purposes without causing double vision. In such cases, surgery is not a viable solution.

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