Within the eye, the space between the lens and the back of the eye’s inner lining (retina) is filled with a kind of jelly, known as vitreous. Vitreous fluid plays an important role in the processes leading to posterior vitreous detachment, retinal tear and retinal detachment.

Symptons of vitreous body detachment

The sudden appearance of grey/black moving spots and/or flashes of light

How do we examine vitreous body detachment?

  • Eye fundus examination to rule out a torn retina
  • If the retina is torn, it is given laser treatment (argon laser).

How is vitreous body detachment treated?

If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to a detached retina. This then has to be treated surgically, usually by means of a vitrectomy (= operation at the back of the eye in which the vitreous body is removed and the retina is pushed back into its place by means of air, gas, or oil).

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