Focus Eye Clinic puts transparent laser eye surgery prices into practice for all of its treatments. You pay our advertised price for the most up-to-date refractive surgery methods using the latest technology.

Excepting cosmetic surgery, preoperative screenings are always free. Even postoperative control appointments are free.

Listed below, you will find an overview of our prices for various laser eye surgery methods and price. If you have any questions about pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 eye Both eyes
(Photo Refractive Keratectomy)
1000 EUR 2000 EUR
Femto-Lasik 1750 EUR 3250 EUR
A CAT (aberrometry guided treatment)
T CAT (topography guided treatment)
+250 EUR/ eye
Presby-Lasik/Monovision +250 EUR/eye
Lasik-Extra +500 EUR
 IC Ring + Femto laser  1600 EUR (1 segment)3200 EUR (2 segments)  2200 EUR (1 segment)4400 EUR (2 segments)

Supplementary costs for laser eye surgery

  • Pre-operative screening: FREE
  • Pre-operative diagnostic exam: 150 euro
  • Postoperative control: one day post-op: included, no extra costs
  • Postoperative control: one week post-op: included, no extra costs
  • Postoperative control: six weeks post-op: included, no extra costs

Focus Eye Clinic offers you the correct price for laser eye surgery. This may not be the cheapest current market price; pricing is based on various factors such as device quality, the quality of the materials used and the experience of the surgeon and his or her knowledge of up-to-date techniques and recent developments.

What about health and hospitalisation insurance?

Insurers and health insurance providers often make changes to their policies. Because of this, we prefer not to generalise about insurance cover and refunds, but make an estimate of the possible costs of surgery based on a particular patient’s personal situation. This way, you will always know exactly what you should expect.

Medical tourism

When comparing laser eye surgery prices from clinics both at home and abroad, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Which techniques are used? – At Focus Eye Clinic we use Femto Lasik, currently the most technologically advanced laser treatment available. For the Excimer Laser we use WAVELIGHT EX500, for the Femto laser, ZIEMER Z8.
  • Who will carry out the surgery? – Dr. Evens and Focus Eye Clinic’s team of top surgeons all possess the required diplomas and qualifications to carry out eye laser surgery to a high standard, making ours a team you can completely rely on.
  • Travel costs – bear in mind that any travel costs, especially when travelling abroad, will have to be repeated for the initial consultation, surgery and all aftercare.
  • What happens if there are complications? – Imagine something goes wrong. Are you able to return quickly and easily for possible retreatment?