Treating short-sightedness with Femto-Lasik delivers excellent and stable results with the equipment Focus Eye Clinic uses. This comes from a study of 100 procedures done at Focus Eye Clinic in 2013.

An enormous improvement in the sharpness of vision

The statistics show that 95% of patients treated for myopia between -1.5 and -10.0 have a visual acuity of 1.0 without correction 3 months after surgery.

A quarter of the patients treated even showed an improvement from 1.0 (pre-op) to 1.2 (post-op). The aspherical profiling by the laser therefore contributed to improved contrasting and thus to sharper vision.

Further procedures almost never needed

Thanks to the Femto-Lasik procedure, after 3 months the dioptre (the strength of your glasses or contacts) continued to be reduced to much more satisfactory levels: at most +/– 0.6D in 92% of cases. These outcomes concord with the tests done by the US Government FDA. Further corrective procedures are not required in more than 99% of cases.