Laser eye surgery is a complex matter where only specialists in the field can give you the correct information. Don’t follow blindly what Doctor Google might tell you, but instead make an appointment for a diagnostic consultation. You will then learn straight away whether or not you are a candidate for refractive surgery.

Which factors determine the choice?

Choosing the best approach is determined

  • in the first place by the nature of the optic impairment,
  • and in the second place by the patient’s age, work, and recreational activities and hobbies

Focus Eye Clinic: your guarantee of success


Focus Eye Clinic uses the most advanced techniques to achieve optimal results. Your doctor will recommend the technique most suited for your refraction problem and will discuss it with you.

To get a thorough evaluation, we first do all the diagnostic examinations. Are there different options to address your sightedness problem? Your doctor will explain the pros and cons of each available technique.

Which laser eye surgery is right for you?

Don’t trust Dr. Google to choose for you. Focus Eye Clinic does all the diagnostic examinations beforehand. Your doctor will then discuss with you all your options and explain the pros and cons of each technique. This first screening is free and without obligation.

Make an appointment NOW for this free screening examination!