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Femto-Lasik: The best laser eye treatment technique

Femto-Lasik is the most efficient laser eye treatment technology in the market. We can correct refractive errors between -12 and +6 D without any problem. Moreover, Focus Eye Clinic uses Ziemer Z8, the most modern and reliable Femto-LASIK laser technology. So now you can finally bid those glasses farewell!

  • painless and safe
  • Refractive errors between -12 and + 6 D
  • Latest technology
  • Speedy recovery
  • Personalised treatment.

Are you a suitable candidate for Femto-Lasik?

Almost everyone suffering from short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia) or astigmatism is eligible for Femto-Lasik surgery.

  • You are between 18 and 60 years of age
  • Your refractive error has been stable for 1 year
  • Refractive error between -12 and +6 D
  • Eyeball dimensions are irrelevant

Do your contact lenses give you regular eye infections?

Femto-Lasik treatment can put paid to that problem. Aside from being an excellent solution, it is also much safer than using daily contact lenses.

  • If you suffer from age-related long-sightedness or presbyopia Femto-Lasik is a solution when a monovision profile is used. The alternative is a multifocal lens implant.
  • An excellent alternative for femto-lasik is Topoguided PRK which is very suitable for members of the military, the police force or patients involved in martial arts.
  • Refractive errors of more than -12 D can usually be corrected with an implantable contact lens (ICL)
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“This treatment is even performed on US fighter-jet pilots”.

Advantages of Femto-Lasik

Daily comfort, for athletes included

We often hear: “I should have had it done years ago”. The convenience of no longer having to wear glasses is incredible, especially for people who are into sports.


Femto-Lasik is much safer than daily contact lens use. Currently, the main real risk is that you may need a second Femto-Lasik treatment but the probability of that happening is less than 0.5%.

Lasting visual acuity

Recovery is quick and your eyesight remains stable so that you won’t have to reach for your glasses again for years to come.

No infections or inflammations

As in all types of surgery, there is a limited risk of infection and inflammation. To dramatically reduce that risk we will give you eye drops and protective glasses when you go home.

No dry eyes

With the current Femto-Lasik equipment and adequate preoperative preparation however, the risk of dry eye syndrome has been significantly reduced. We treat any temporary reduction in tear production with artificial tears and/or tear-duct plugs.

Enhanced contrasting

As the current laser equipment uses broad laser beam spots (6.5 mm to 9.0 mm), there is no risk of diminished contrasting, quite the opposite. Thanks to the personalized topo-guided technique, contrasting in poor light is greatly improved.

Selection of testimonials

Femto-Lasik surgery

  • Beforehand

    Free screening

    within 2 weeks

    • Evaluation

      The surgeon assesses your refractive error and discusses your options, including laser treatment, with you taking account of your resolve, your profession and your hobbies.

    • Technical check-ups

      He will also perform a number of technical examinations to thoroughly check your cornea

      Maak nu een afspraak en doe uw screening binnen de 2 weken.

  • Day of the treatment


    about 2 hours from arrival to discharge

    • On the day itself, it would be best not to drive. So bring someone along to take you home again!

    • Before the procedure

      45 min

      • First, the final preoperative analyses are performed.
      • You will be given a mild sedative and your eyes are anaesthetised with drops. So there is no questionof a full anaesthetic.
    • The procedure

      10 min./eye

      • Our staff will take you to the operating theatre.
      • Your eyes are thoroughly disinfected and covered with a sterile dressing.
      • Your eyelashes are kept out of the way and your eyes are once again anaesthetised using a local anaesthetic.
      • Next, we apply an eyelid holder so that you can no longer blink or close your eyes.
      • Your refraction is treated using the excimer laser. You will be asked to look into a fixation light for 1 second; after that the laser will automatically follow the movement of your eye. So there is no need to worry about having to keep perfectly still.
      • When your procedure is done, the surgeon will place atherapeutic dressing lens on the eye which will have to remain in situ for one week.
    • After the procedure

      • You will be taken to a rest and relaxation area where you will stay for approximately 30 minutes.
      • You will be given protective glasses which you willhave to wear for 24 hours.
    • Aftercare

      • Our nursing staff will take you through the eye drops treatment schedule.
      • You will only need to apply the medicated eye drops for 5 days.
      • Thereafter, only artificial tears will be required.
  • After


      • 1st check-up: one day after the procedure
      • 2nd check-up: one week after the procedure
      • 3rd check-up: two to three months after the procedure

      These check-ups are included in the price.

      Make an appointment and come for your screening within 2 weeks.

Topo-guided laser treatment: a fully personalised treatment

Like fingerprints, also everyone’s cornea is unique. With our latest laser technology, we apply a topo-guided treatment: the laser takes account of the characteristics of your unique cornea, so that you get a fully personalized treatment, entirely customized to your eyes. The advantage to you: even better results.

Risks associated with Femto-Lasik

  • Femto-Lasik during pregnancy
  • Femto-Lasik is contraindicated if you suffer from any of the following conditions
  • Femto-Lasik for certain professions
  • Is there a risk of reduced night vision or contrasting?
  • Will I suffer from dry eyes after the procedure?
  • Is astigmatism correction by means of laser reliable?
  • I heard that the Lasik procedure is nothing more than a temporary solution.

Cost of femto-LASIK treatment

Focus Eye Clinic prides itself on its transparent pricepolicy for all its treatments. You pay the right price for the latest technology in refractive eye surgery.

1 eye both eyes
Femto-Lasik €1750 €3250
Personalised topo-guided treatment +€250 +€500
Preoperative screening free free
Preoperative diagnostic exam €150 €150
Postoperative review: one day post-op included included
Postoperative review: one week post-op included included
Postoperative review: six weeks post-op included included

Focus Eye Clinic performs laser eye surgery at a fair price. We don’t claim to be the cheapest on the market. After all, price is dictated by many factors such as the quality of the equipment and materials and the calibre of the surgeons and their experience.

Does my health and hospitalisation insurance cover the procedure?

Insurance companies and health insurance providers change their policies on a regular basis. This is why we prefer not to generalize about insurance cover or refunds but give each patient a personalized estimate of the possible cost of any procedure. This way, you will always know what to expect.

More about our Femto-Lasik technology

  • Which laser devices does Focus Eye Clinic use?
  • What does Femto-Lasik mean?
  • How does the Femto-Lasik laser work?
  • What are the Femto-Lasik options: A-Cat, T-Cat and LASIK Xtra A-Cat? Femto-Lasik with aberrometry
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Are you a suitable candidate for laser eye treatment?

Our highly specialised surgeons thoroughly examine your eyes and make a detailed diagnosis. They discuss all the options with you in all objectivity. This first screening is free of charge and of engagement.

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Multidisciplinary team of experienced topsurgeons

All the knowledge in-house for a wide range of eye treatments. Meet the team

Meet the team
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Personalised eye care

Each eye has its own unique profile, just like your fingerprints. This is why we apply the ultra-personalised topo-guided technique.

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High-tech equipment

We continuously invest in the latest, most reliable technology. We have the most comprehensive and modern technological platform for laser eye treatment and lens surgery.

About our eye lens technology
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A comfortable and pleasant setting

Our laser centre combines experts in their field with a warm welcome in a stylish setting so that you get to have your treatment in all peace and comfort.



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