lens implantIn the field of lens implantation, we distinguish between ICL (implantable contact lens) which retains the natural lens, and lens replacement which removes the natural lens and replaces it with an artificial one.

As regards the former, lens implantation may be an excellent alternative for patients with high refractive abnormalities for whom laser eye surgery is no longer an option.

Bifocal or multifocal lens implants make it possible to regain visual clarity in elderly people suffering from presbyopia, which requires reading glasses.

For patients with cataracts, replacing the natural lenses with artificial ones is often an excellent solution which can restore visual clarity.

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Do I qualify for artificial lens treatment?

There are many variable which help determine the best solution for your specific condition. You might find it better to come and have a chat. Our ophthalmic surgeons will be more than happy to discuss your options.

  • Presence of cataracts or grey star
  • Severe refractive deviation
  • Not eligible for laser eye surgery
  • Presbyopia and associated reading glasses dependence

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Personal information

Price of lens implants

The price of lens implant surgery varies according to the treatment and lens types you and the surgeon have chosen together.

Focus Eye Clinic is very conscious of the need for transparency in its pricing policy. You pay the correct price for cutting-edge lens implantation technology.

Below is a prices overview for various possible treatments.

Monofocal Monofocal (tor). Multifocal Multifocal (tor).
Lens replacement 1.450 € 1.550 € 2.350 € 2.550 €
Cataract surgery 1.450 € 1.550 € 2.350 € 2.550 €
ICL Implants 2.350 € 2.550 €
Reimbursement for cataract +/-600 € +/-700 € +/-500 € +/-500 €

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Lens implant treatments

Extra lens implants

An ICL lens implant corrects your eye’s refractive errors. The artificial lens is placed parallel to the natural lens, so that the contact lens sits inside the eye instead of on the outside. This is in contrast to lens replacement, where the natural lens is removed and replaced by a new one.

All about ICL (implantable contact lens)

Lens Replacement

With a lens replacement, including CLE (Clear Lens Extraction), the surgeon removes the natural lens of your eye and replaces it with an intraocular lens implant. Focus Eye Clinic uses state-of-the-art laser technology, making any use of a scalpel when making an incision unnecessary. (FEMTO – LASER)

All about lens replacement

Bifocal or Multifocal lenses

Bifocal or multifocal implant lenses can provide an excellent solution for people who want to say goodbye to their glasses. The bifocal or multifocal principle, as you will also find in a pair of multifocal glasses, allows you to see both objects at a wide range of distances with full clarity.

All about bifocal or multifocal implant lenses

Practical information

Don’t put your faith in Dr. Google when making such an important decision. Focus Eye Clinic will carry out all the necessary examinations before discussing your options with you. In this way, jour doctor has all the information he or she needs and can inform you of all the specific pros and cons of each technique which relate to you. This initial screening is free and without any obligation.

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Others experiences with lens replacement surgery

Pieter, 79 years old, drove 4000 km for cataract surgery with Dr. Evens in Wemmel:

Why did I wait so long for this treatment?! I now see the world with a completely different set of eyes! Fantastic! Pleasant location, a friendly welcome and full preparation. The operation lasted about 40 minutes for both eyes. I was administered a local anaesthetic and was constantly informed about what was going on. I had no pain after surgery. An hour of rest with a cup of coffee and everything was over! You simply feel comfortable, surrounded by an informed, competent doctor and team.

Laure had implants in both eyes:

For some people, seeing without glasses or lenses it taken for granted. I’m one of them, now ☺!

Lens implants FAQ

How severe does my refractive eye error need to be for lens implant surgery?

The maximum deviation depends greatly on the type of treatment and the type of artificial lens. Make an appointment in our eye centre for a free consultation.

Can I have both eyes treated at the same time?

Yes, both eyes can be treated on the same day or separately: you can discuss this with the doctor.

Are lens implants a permanent solution?

In the case of lens replacement, treatment is irreversible. Lens implants do not require replacement.

In ICL (implantable contact lens), however, treatment is reversible. The natural lens is still present and the cornea remains intact.

Once over 70, other aging phenomena may have an impact on the quality of your eyesight.

Will my health insurance pay out for lens implants?

Implant lenses are partially compensated, but only for cataracts. Near and farsightedness are generally not considered to be a disease and are therefore not reimbursed.