At Focus Eye Clinic you pay the right price for the newest technology in the field of lens implant surgery. Below you will find an overview of the pricing for the lens implant procedures available.

Monofocal Monofocal Tor. Multifocal Multifocal Tor.
Lens extraction 1450 EUR 1550 EUR 2350 EUR 2550 EUR
Cataract operation 1450 EUR 1550 EUR 2350 EUR 2550 EUR
Health insurance reimbursement – cataract operation +/- 600 EUR +/- 700 EUR +/- 500 EUR +/- 500 EUR

Coverage by health insurance and hospitalisation insurance?

The situation with health insurance providers changes very quickly. For this reason we can’t make any general predictions on getting the costs from health insurers reimbursed. But we always provide each patient a personalised estimate of the costs foreseen for each procedure. This way you always know what to expect.