Reading the paper at arm’s length, squinting and focussing for minutes trying to make out text messages on your mobile, asking a companion to read out menus at restaurants. Are these scenes familiar to you? Then you are likely suffering from presbyopia or old-age long-sightedness.

At Focus Eye Clinic we treat presbyopia with the Monovision strategy and with the multifocal approach.

Monovision strategy

With the Monovision strategy, the dominant eye is corrected for long-sightedness and the other eye is made lightly short-sighted (myopic).This optic differentiation is adjusted to well, and can of course be simulated prior to any operation. We undertake Monovision either with Femto-Lasik or with lens implants depending on your age and the nature of your condition.

Multifocal approach

With this method, a solution is developed for each eye regarding short and long distance vision. This too can be implemented with Femto-Lasik or with multifocal implant lenses.