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Information regarding COVID-19 virus epidemic.

Dear Patient,

Focus Eye Clinic is ready to restart after the quarantine period for Corona-virus.

We ensure safety for our patients and staff through rigorous measures.

Due to our different waiting rooms, social distancing can be assured.

Staff have been trained to strictly apply the specific measures.

Intra-ocular surgery and laser surgery are performed in Covid-19 free operating theaters thanks to the use of Nocospray technology to disinfect everything. (

Stay safe

The Focus Eye Clinic Team.

Continuity of treatment with intra-vitreal injections during Covid-19 crisis

Dear patient,

The belgian medical care insurance RIZIV/INAMI adjusts some rules of the medical care insurance to avoid interrupting the treatment of and reimbursement to the patient.

The Covid-19 crisis means that hospitals are forced to postpone non-urgent consultations and care. Therefore, temporary measures apply to specific products for intra-vitreal injections until 31 May 2020.

Public pharmacies will be able to deliver these products at least until May 31, 2020, allowing their administration in a medical practice (at an ophthalmologist or at a private eye-care center) that ensures optimal aseptic conditions according to the guidelines of the FAMHP.

You can therefore always go to the Focus Eye Clinic to get your injection.

Stay safe

The Focus Eye Clinic Team.


Our highly qualified doctors and medical assistants form a complementary team for the treatment of all eye disorders.

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Laser eye treatment: life without glasses

Now with the help of the latest laser eye technology and intra-ocular lens we are able to correct both short-sightedness and long-sightedness.

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Treatment of eye disorders

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Eyelid correction

Correction of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid and eye lift.

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Are you a suitable candidate for laser eye treatment?

Our highly specialised surgeons thoroughly examine your eyes and make a detailed diagnosis. They discuss all the options with you in all objectivity. This first screening is free of charge and of engagement.

Experiences of patients

Eye clinic with the best technology

The result of a treatment is determined by the expertise of the team and the quality of the technology. Focus Eye Clinic therefore invests continuously in the latest and most reliable technologies such as the Wavelight 500Hz excimer laser. We have the most complete and modern technological platform for laser eye surgery and lens surgery.

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Multidisciplinary team of experienced topsurgeons

All the knowledge in-house for a wide range of eye treatments. Meet the team

Meet the team
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Personalised eye care

Each eye has its own unique profile, just like your fingerprints. This is why we apply the ultra-personalised topo-guided technique.

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High-tech equipment

We continuously invest in the latest, most reliable technology. We have the most comprehensive and modern technological platform for laser eye treatment and lens surgery.

About our eye lens technology
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A comfortable and pleasant setting

Our laser centre combines experts in their field with a warm welcome in a stylish setting so that you get to have your treatment in all peace and comfort.